We believe that discipleship begins with community and relationships. To develop and GROW in our faith, we need people - people to do life with and journey our faith together. We believe that although we constantly have access to information and resources, we don’t always have a community to sustain it. This is what GROW is all about! 

The way you partner with GROW is by partnering with others! We provide the teaching-relevant topics grounded in scriptural truth-and you meet with your friends to discuss, discover and dive into the content together. Let’s GROW!

-Pastor Matt + Kira

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The greatest way to experience GROW is with your friends, let the people in your world know you want to do GROW with them.

Meet Pastor Ray!

Pastor Ray is the senior pastor at Hope Church and one of the main teachers of our grow content.

We are so excited to have content that is developed by a pastor with over 30 years of ministry experience. We believe that the content of these episodes will challenge, develop and grow you and we are thankful for the experience and wisdom that Pastor Ray has poured into our GROW series.